New Beginnings – Chapter 1

Recently I’ve been learning to make the most out of every season that life sends my way. However, there may come a time when you may just have to climb up the trees and shake those September branches to give Autumn a head start – I mean who doesn’t like to see concrete paths covered with yellow and orange leaves.

But sometimes, new seasons bring with them new trials and harder tests and change, which we like to avoid as humans because the unknown is scary. I’m starting to realize though that maybe staying stagnant is even scarier.

I’ve been contemplating doing something like this for months and honestly I believe that purpose was calling my name but my hearing was so impeded by the sound of my own fear that I couldn’t hear it clearly. Feelings of intense dissatisfaction and discontentment with the direction my life was taking led to my decision to make a change.

So, I guess that’s exactly what I finally decided to do when I created this Blog page; climb that maple, ruffle some leaves and hope that the result would be an aesthetic masterpiece. I’ll admit it’s frightening throwing caution to the wind, especially when you’re passionate about the reason you want to venture out into the unknown in the first place – there is just so much more to lose.

Then there are the questions that constantly plague your mind, like…

What if I Fail?

What if I’m no good at it?

What if my passion is short-lived?

Life is too short to be boggled down by the ever infamous “what if’s” and “maybe’s“. There’s no time like the present right?

So, what are you waiting for? Start Climbing!!

Autumn 2

Published by Keela's Chronicles

Hey there, my name is Jann - affectionately known as Keela, hence "Keela's Chronicles". The first thing I should probably tell you about me is that I really love Jesus! I am a wife, daughter, sister and minister (I don't mean pastor - but a minister of the gospel). I started journaling when I was 14 years old and honestly it was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Later in life I decided that I would make my journaling public so I started a blog. One of my biggest beliefs when it comes to ministry and christianity is transparency. I believe that in order to affect a life with the gospel, as a christian I need to show that persons how the gospel actively affects and changes my life. So I decided to use my experiences in both the physical and spiritual realms to encourage and inspire others while I'm going through the experiences, and not simply as an afterthought. I have a passion for writing, and inspiring others, especially young women of faith. My hope and desire is that as you read my posts you will feel blessed, motivated and truly inspired to be the best version of yourself in Christ, knowing that you are not alone.

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