An Advocate For Love

An Advocate For LoveI’ve always been an Advocate for Love. 

I believe that if there is one thing that can bridge the gap between humans, that can illuminate the darkness, heal the pain, erase the wounds of the past, and shine a light on the hopes of the future, then that thing would be LOVE.

The Bible tells us that love covers a multitude of sin (1 Peter 4:8).

I’ve always found it easy to love; easy to give the benefit of the doubt even after being “warned” in essence that someone might not have such a savory character.

I believe with every fiber of my being that people deserve second chances; chances to prove that they are better than the first impression of themselves that you might have witnessed. A Multitude of Sin

I believe that people can change, that life can be a great teacher and that pain can cause people to do things that can be very hurtful. Some say that makes me naive, others say I’m too trusting, and many completely disagree with me. All of that is okay, really. I don’t mind not fitting into the mold that others have created.

I will be honest though, this belief hasn’t always worked out in my favour. I’ve experience hurt because of it, betrayal , and sustained some scars upon my heart that not even pure cocoa butter can remove. Yet, my belief remains.

For me, it is not the idea of a rose-coloured world that causes me to want to love everybody as much as my being can manage, it’s the fact that all those things I mentioned above, all the negative attributes were all a part of who I was, yet God in all his Glory and Grace loved me.

Sometimes it’s difficult for me to comprehend the fact that I can never earn the love of God, yet still he has no qualms about extending it. That, to me, is amazing.

Recently though, I’ve been feeling really SHOOK. I have not been able to post anything for over 2 weeks and I’ve felt disappointed in myself and even in the world. My faith has been tested.

Have you ever just been going about your life, enjoying the mercies of Jesus, thinking everything was okay and then BAM, it seems like your entire soul was run over by a freight train in a freak accident and all you can do is just stand there and watch it being dismantled?

Well, that’s how I’ve been feeling lately.

Have you ever heard that “it is not what you say but how you say it”? In my own life, I’ve been struggling to understand the lack of love that some people use when spewing words. Person’s that should understand the power of the tongue, who are seemingly seasoned in their christianity. The bible says that in spite of all the spiritual gifts you may think you have, in spite of your generosity and all the talents you may have acquired, without love, you are NOTHING and you have NOTHING! (1 Corin, 13:1-3)

Everytime I listen to the news, or go on social media, the magnitude of selfishness amazes me. The heartless crimes of person’s who make decisions to play God with others’ lives with physical violence, and then those who cowardly commit their crimes by being internet trolls and spewing ugly through their words.

I believe that the condition of your relation with others is a direct reflection of the condition of your own heart.

And in that case, we have a lot of people walking around as the living dead, zombies to themselves because their hearts appear to have completely rotted in that hollow cavity hidden in their chest.

The mass shooting that happened in Florida on Valentine’s Day broke my heart. The thought that human life would seem so disposable is devastating. I live in the Caribbean, and I’ve never heard nor experienced crime on such a large-scale, but the expanse of oceans does not negate the depth of compassion I feel toward this incident.

Mere days before this happened I asked this question to a friend of mine, “why can’t we just love each other?”

Why??? Why can’t we just love each other?

I believe that Love forgives, even when there is no sign of remorse. Because forgiveness is a choice you make to turn on the light in a dark room, even when you don’t feel like being seen.

I’ve always been an advocate for love, but lately the question I’ve been asking myself is “when does love make the decision to refuse the abuse and just leave?’

God, our hearts are troubled at the lack of love that is in our world today. As Christians, help us to demonstrate the unconditional love to others that you have so freely given to us. 


Published by Keela's Chronicles

Keela's Chronicles was started by Jann Jacobs, a wife, entrepreneur and aspiring author. Jann created this blog to share her personal experiences, about faith and the road to turning her passion and life purpose into a profit. She believes whole-heartedly in the principles of the scripture Proverbs 18:16, "A man's gift makes room for him, and brings him before great men". Thus, she uses her gifts not only to inspire others but also to make a living, and she believes that everyone has the potential to do the same.

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