Young and Unashamed?

Young and UnashamedShort Post Alert

Earlier this week, I was on the bus heading to work and along the route a young man joined us as a passenger. Now, immediately when I saw him the first thing that ran through my mind was ‘he looks weird’. Yess, I know I was being  little “judgy”, don’t crucify me.

He had a sort of rigid stance and he just seemed odd and out-of-place.

I usually listen to worship music on the way to work, to kind of get my mind in the right state and it relaxes me and sets the pace of my day (you should try it, it really works). That morning was no different. So there I was, head phones in, singing along to the “The Appeal” by Kirk Franklin, when I suddenly realized that someone was speaking really loudly. Now, I don’t know where you’re from but where I live its only proper etiquette to be quiet on the bus and allow everyone to enjoy the peace, especially that early in the morning. To say I was a little peeved would be very accurate.

After a minute I decided to take out one head phone and look around to see who the offender was. Immediately, I noticed that not only was this person speaking loudly, but they were actually praying. And yes you guessed it, it was weird guy who was praying.

My first feeling was one of embarrassment. It was like a shock to my system and made me feel extremely uncomfortable. I literally had to close my eyes and pray “God, I feel very uncomfortable in this moment, what is going on? My spirit feels disturbed.”

In that moment the Holy Spirit checked me real good and I had to ask myself, “do you feel uncomfortable with this because you’re unsure of the spirit and the motive behind the prayer, or are you uncomfortable because you’re wondering what everybody else is thinking about the situation.”

I was so disappointed in myself. I realized that even though I’ve considered myself a Christian who is “Young and Unashamed” I was, in that moment, ashamed for his person who was only praying to his God -and get this- he was praying for the protection of our souls on the journey and for the rise up of a generation that would be on fire for the work of God.

It’s so easy to call ourselves Christians and proclaim the name of Christ when we are around like-minded persons but when it comes to spreading the gospel through the most common ways of prayer and evangelism we tend to shy away. It’s ironic that the world is never afraid of showing out, whether it be during carnival, music, dancing, etc, but then as christians we are so reserved with letting the world know who we are, what we believe in and Who we serve.

Sometimes you will be made fun of, sometimes you will be thought of as uncool, sometimes the situation may be awkward, but isn’t it better to endure for the sake of Christ than to deny your faith you the approval of Man?

While in prison the apostle Paul wrote to Timothy, “Therefore do not be ashamed of the testimony about our Lord, nor of me his prisoner, but share in suffering for the gospel by the power of God…” – 2 Timothy 1:8.

As Christians we are called to share in the suffering of Christ, and if in this modern day that means getting looked at side eyed or being the cause of whispers we should be all to happy to share the message of Christ. It won’t be easy but it will be worth it.

Stay Blessed Friends


Published by Keela's Chronicles

Hey there, my name is Jann - affectionately known as Keela, hence "Keela's Chronicles". The first thing I should probably tell you about me is that I really love Jesus! I am a wife, daughter, sister and minister (I don't mean pastor - but a minister of the gospel). I started journaling when I was 14 years old and honestly it was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Later in life I decided that I would make my journaling public so I started a blog. One of my biggest beliefs when it comes to ministry and christianity is transparency. I believe that in order to affect a life with the gospel, as a christian I need to show that persons how the gospel actively affects and changes my life. So I decided to use my experiences in both the physical and spiritual realms to encourage and inspire others while I'm going through the experiences, and not simply as an afterthought. I have a passion for writing, and inspiring others, especially young women of faith. My hope and desire is that as you read my posts you will feel blessed, motivated and truly inspired to be the best version of yourself in Christ, knowing that you are not alone.

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