30 Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

I don’t know about you but for me life gets pretty busy. One day its January first and the next day you look up to see that it’s already Christmas Eve and you have no gifts for family and friends.

Then there are the others years when you just procrastinate until the very last minute and the get completely stressed out looking for gifts to give.

If I’m honest, I have more experience with the latter.

That’s why I’ve taken the time to put together this list of last minute gifts you can get for all your friends and family.

Neutral Gifts

1. Favourite Scent of Cologne or Perfume

I feel like this is everybody’s go to gift. It’s simple and the best part is that it’s guaranteed that the recipient will enjoy it.

2. Watch – I know, watches can be expensive, especially as a last minute purchase. But, it doesn’t have to be. There are a lot of watches out there that are pretty affordable and pretty good quality.

3. Shoes – Everyone likes a new pair of shoes, well at least I do. If you know someone size and style, shoes can be a pretty quick gift to pick up and wrap and something that can always be used.

4. Backpack – No matter where I’m going I always have lots of stuff with me. If you know anyone like that, a nice backpack would be a great gift.

5. Personalised Travel Mug/Water Bottle – This is a cute gift that anyone at any age can enjoy.

6. Customised Jewellery – This is always a sweet gesture, and can be something that is worn all year round. Last year my husband got me a beautiful silver chain with a diamond encrusted pendant of the letter of my first name and I loved it so much!

For Him

7. Shaving Kit – Everyone loges a well groomed man. So ladies, help your gentleman out and get him something he can use all year round.

8. Beard Growth Supplements – For the guy who has a beard and loves taking care of it.

For Her

9. Handbag Set – Just like shoes, bags are a girls best friend. You can get a handbag, a tote, a clutch. There are so many choices.

10. Voucher for Spa Treatment – Any woman would love a nice day of relaxing at the spa, I know I would.

11. Jewellery Box – This is a really cute gift that is literally used all throughout the year. You can get it for the lady who has a lot of jewellery or for the lady like me so who doesn’t have that much but is in need of some organization with what little she has.

For the Reader

12. Kindle Paperwhite – This is the perfect gift for anyone who is an avid reader. When we were dating my husband got me one and to this day I use it almost everyday. The ease of use and accessibility to as many books as you can think of is awesome.

13. Kindle Unlimited Subscription – Now if you get a kindle, the kindle unlimited subscription will come in super handy. As a gift, you can pay for a few months of the subscription or even a full year if you’re feeling generous.

14. Audible Gift Card – This is a great gift for the reader who is always on thr go and feels they don’t have enough time to read the way they want to. It is essential a platform that gives you access to thousands of audio books that you xan listen to anytime, anywherw.

15. 1st Edition Copy of Their Favourite Classic – This gift is more sentimental than anything else, because chances are the person you’ll give this to can pribably recite the book cover to cover. But trust me, if they love the book that much, they’ll definitely appreciate this.

16. Book from Their Favourite Author – A good way to do this is to give them a hard copy of the newest book released by their favourite author. This can be an individual book or the next in a series you know they have been reading.

17. Bedside Reading Light – The things about a good book is that its hard to put down once you’ve started. But if you’re reading at night in bed, especially a paperback, no one wants to have to get up to turn the lights off when they are finally able to drag themselves away. A bedside lamp, with light specifically made for reading is a good way to solve that problem.

For the Music Lover

18. Portable Speaker – My husband is a musician, he gas one of these and uses it for almost everything. If i ever try to listen to music on my phone, he claims the poor frequency hurts his ears and he’ll connect my phone to the speaker. Any musician will love this because of their appreciation for clean and amplified sound. The best of both worlds.

19. Concert Tickets – This you may have to scout a little bit for. More than likely the tickets won’t be used until the following year based on tour dates, but they will still be well received.

20. iTunes Gift Card – Okay so I don’t think i need to explain why this is so awesome for a music lover. The vast range and availability of music speaks for itseld.

21. Record Player – This is a pretty cool option, especially for any one who values vintage and classical pieces.

22. Record from Favourite Artist – You can’t have a record player without records to go with them! Up the anti by getting a record for an artist the person really enjoys listening to.

For the Food Lover

23. Waffle Iron – I recently got one of these myself and let me tell you, I love it. The best things about waffle makers is that you can make different things with it. For the person who not only likes to eat but loves making new things, this is perfect. Try whipped eggs or even some brownie batter! Perfection!!!

24. Personalised Apron – This is a cute litrle gift that you can get customised with someone name. Something they can use everyday, or as often as they’re in the kitchen whipping up a dish.

25. Cook Book – If you know someone that loves to try new recipes, this is the peefect gift for them. If they already have a favourite celebrity chef who has a new cookbook out, it’ll be even better.

26. Crock Pot – This gift is perfect for cooking on the go. For anyone who may not have the time to stand over a stove for an hour, they can just pop their ingredients in a slow cooker, run some errands and come home to a complete dinner. I think this woukd be a great gift for working moms, don’t you?

For the Self-Care Enthusiast

27. Scented Candles – Nothing sets the mood better than the warm glow and calming smell of a few scented candles. Great for a nice quiet night of relaxation.

28. Essential Oils Diffuser – This is a lot like a scented candle but the scent can spread to a much wider range.

29. Cozy Blanket – I love cozy blankets, especially when watching christmas movies on a cold night, or snuggled up with a good book. If this sounds like anyone you know then this could be a great gift option.

30. Home Spa Therapy – There are some people who love to enjoy the relaxation of a good spa treatment in the comfort of their own homes. If you know someone like this, then here’s a good option for them.

There you go guys, 30 gift ideas you can gige this Christmas, especially if you’ve been caught in last minute shopping. Stay tuned for my post on affordable diy gifts you can make this Christmas as well.

Live Positively Chroniclers. Merry Christmas ♥️🎄♥️🎄♥️

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