Life Update and Announcement!

Hi friends, its been a hot minute 😅. As most of you know I was struggling terribly with my health during December 2019, which seriously hampered my Christmas plans. That was a bummer. Then I spent the earlier half of January 2020 trying to recover and get back into a routine.

During that time I decided to try and just take things easy so I held off on doing a few activities to give my body a chance to recooperate. That decidedly took longer than I intially anticipated for various reasons. I had a bit of a crisis of self.

What I mean by that is during my time of not doing anything I really started to reevaluate to value of things I had been doing before I got sick. There are so many dreams that I’ve had over the years and projects that I’ve wanted to do and honestly I just kept talking about them but never made any moves to do any of them. That bothers me.

I started feeling like my life was really lacking purpose. Sure I was doing this blog but at the same time I was allowing so many talents and skills that God has given to me to lie dormant within myself and go to waste. I was talking about purpose alot but I wasn’t walking in it myself. I felt like a fraud.

That led me to do some real soul searching and I had to ask myself, “what do I have to offer this world? How can I serve God’s people with the tools he’s given me.” The question came easily. The answer? Not so much. I felt like I was pulling teeth, my own teeth, trying to get answers. Until a friend of mine, Mark, helped me out by pushing me to say aloud the things that I’m passionate about (i.e. super interested in) – more details on that later.

It took me a while to answer because I had to be honest with myself, which is sometimes a vulnerable position to be in. And during that time I didn’t feel right blogging, there was just a block for me, which left you guys hanging and I’m really sorry about that.

This time of soul searching has really pushed me out of my comfort zone which is a great thing because I truly believe that’s the only way we can grow. And with this growth I have some great news to share with you and a bunch of new projects on the way.

In about a month, Keela’s Chronicles will be releasing its first ever…. (wait for it).

Prayer Journal!

You heard it heard it here first and as the days go by leading up to the release I will be sharing a lot more about it with all of and many of you may get the opportunity to receive special prizes and giveaways.

Yes, friends you read correctly and I am so excited to share this news with you. Amid the growing panic and frustration in the world I still believe that 2020 has the potential to be a year of great things for the vast majority. And as believers I think our response to this new pandemic ‘Covid-19’ #Coronavirus should be one of prayer, praise and practicality. Stay tuned for my post on this soon.

Thank you all for your patience with me this year and I look forward to growing with the Chroniclers Community so much more during this year.

Remember to stay positive chroniclers. I love you all ♥️♥️♥️.

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Hey there, my name is Jann - affectionately known as Keela, hence "Keela's Chronicles". The first thing I should probably tell you about me is that I really love Jesus! I am a wife, daughter, sister and minister (I don't mean pastor - but a minister of the gospel). I started journaling when I was 14 years old and honestly it was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Later in life I decided that I would make my journaling public so I started a blog. One of my biggest beliefs when it comes to ministry and christianity is transparency. I believe that in order to affect a life with the gospel, as a christian I need to show that persons how the gospel actively affects and changes my life. So I decided to use my experiences in both the physical and spiritual realms to encourage and inspire others while I'm going through the experiences, and not simply as an afterthought. I have a passion for writing, and inspiring others, especially young women of faith. My hope and desire is that as you read my posts you will feel blessed, motivated and truly inspired to be the best version of yourself in Christ, knowing that you are not alone.

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