Quarantine 101 – 5 Survival Tips

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As we all know, the world is going through a Pandemic, Covid-19 has literally been wreaking havoc on persons physically, emotionally and economically. Many of us, if not all of us are currently quarantined/in self isolation, which basically means we’re all stuck at home/inside. Bummer, I know.

Some of you are probably going stir crazy (on top of all the other disturbing emotions you’re already feeling), and for others of you, you are in your element (I’m talking to all my introverts out there). I personally would consider myself more of an ambivert – that extro/intro hybrid 😅. While in social situations I flourish, but I also appreciate time alone, especially if I’ve got a good book.

But, I am currently still going to work everyday, so I don’t know how it truly feels to be quarantined. I mean staying at home when it’s your choice is one thing, but being mandated to stay at home…well that’s another thing all together.

Regardless of my current situation, I do know that a lot of you are struggling with this isolation status. So I’ve put together a list that I hope will help you pass the time better.

1. Stop watching the news!

I know you’re all probably thinking that you have to watch the news so to stay connected and get the necessary info! But think about it, is that information really necessary right now? I mean the only thing the news has been reporting is the continuous rise in the number of confirmed cases. And whether you know that information or not, there’s nothing you can do about it from home or even at all. The only thing that information is doing is creating more panic, fear and concern. So do yourself a favour, turn it off!!

2. Pray and Praise!

This is the perfect opportunity to strengthen your relationship with God. Now you have all the time in the world to do the things you’ve been wanting to do but “just didn’t have the time”. Like praying more and reading your bible. And while you’re at it watch an encouraging sermon or two on youtube, turn up the worship music, and get in that morning devotion. There’s no excuse not to now.

3. Get a hobby!

For those of you who have never had a hobby, well what better time. And then for the rest of us who haven’t had the time to enjoy doing our hobby in a while, get back at it and master it if you can.

4. Bond with your family!

For a lot of you, especially those of you who work a lot or have demanding jobs, you probably can’t tell the last time you were able to really spend some true quality time with your family. Well now, you’re all home, cooped up in the same space for a presently undecipherable amount of time, now’s your chance. Play some board games, tell your children bedtime stories (make them up if you have to and get those creative juices flowing), tell funny stories of all the silly antics you remember about a specific relative. Make new memories! Which leads me to the next point…

5. Laugh!

I know right now it might not seem like there is much to laugh about in the world, but as christians, be reminded that “the joy of the Lord is our strength” – Nehemiah 8:10. Joy will be our coping mechanisms during this time.Nehemiah 8_10

Keep your mind occupied, not as a way to ignore the problem, but as a strategy to get through the problem. I pray you all strength and peace during this time! Let us all remember that we are all in this together, and keep each other in prayer.

Please share a note of encouragement down below, you never know who needs to hear what you have to say.

Stay tuned for more quarantine/self-isolation tips. #FaithOverFear

Stay Positive Chroniclers. Love you all! ❤❤

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