20 Bible Verses to Help You Through Depression

The Bible is a guide for everything we experience in our lives, including our struggles with depression. Here are 20 bible verses that can help to pull you through the dark times.

Overcome Depression – 8 Tips to Help you Overcome Depression

It would be easy if I could say I’ve never experienced sadness; that I’ve never stayed up half the night crying; that I’ve never wished that I wasn’t born; that I have no insecurities and I’ve never felt unworthy or less than. It would be easy, but it would also be a lie. It tookContinue reading “Overcome Depression – 8 Tips to Help you Overcome Depression”

How to be Productive at Home

Productivity. It sounds like such a daunting word, especially if you’re a busy mom/dad, housewife, on the go entrepreneur, or if you’re like me – a “fly by the seam of my pants” kinda gal. If you ask my husband, he’ll tell you that I prefer to live life more on the spontaneous side, whichContinue reading “How to be Productive at Home”