5 Steps to Overcoming Sin

Its time to get Practical!

Get off your knees and show me your faith – it’s time to do some work!

Overcoming sin

Now for all the saints reading this, don’t get me wrong I know that there are some things that only come by prayer and fasting and as Christians our greatest weapon is the depth of our relationship with Christ, which is garnered through prayer. But there are some things that need a little more than prayer, after all if that wasn’t the case Paul would have told Timothy to pray for youthful lust instead of fleeing from it (2 Tim. 2:22).Continue reading “5 Steps to Overcoming Sin”

Love Thy Ex!

Vintage +Modern Mix& MatchHave you ever been really burned by someone? Like slap in the face, think you know them but turns out you don’t, sell you out for 30 pieces of silver, kinda burned?

No? Okay well I guess it’s just me then…and Jesus.Continue reading “Love Thy Ex!”

Beyond The Cover – Transparency

VulnerableFollowing my last post “Don’t Get it Twisted – It’s Not About You”, a friend of mine sent me a very touching message, in which she expressed how much she enjoys reading my blog . I won’t even front, I was on top of the moon! To say that I was elated would be the understatement of the century.Continue reading “Beyond The Cover – Transparency”

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