Prayer in Pandemic

Copy of Prayer in Pandemic

Soooo, my country is officially on 24 hour lock-down! So as of yesterday, no more work, no more church, no more outside, no more sun! I almost feel like a vampire….

When they finally let us out of quarantine!

I kid, I kid, we can go outside but we’re restricted to our yards. The day of the announcement, the citizens went crazy! Like I mean really crazy. All the major supermarkets and even the little ‘mom and pop’ shops were so packed they were practically breeding grounds for this same virus we are on lockdown from.

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Quarantine Art

Randomly, one of my coworkers, who is also a really good friend gave me this piece of art work. She said she felt that sharing a little art in this time of uncertainty could help ease some discomfort and what better way that to share a positive message of hope and faith.

Covid-19 might be causing serious harm to the human race, but in many ways I believe that through this crisis many are gaining back lost portions of their humanity.

Share a little kindness today (it doesn’t matter if you’re far away). An encouraging text, a funny memory, a ridiculous video, a steading scripture. Let’s all gain a bit more humanity through this journey.

Stay positive Chroniclers! Wash your hands, pratice social distancing and most of all be safe. Love you guys ♥️♥️

Quarantine 101 – 5 Survival Tips

Copy of 5

As we all know, the world is going through a Pandemic, Covid-19 has literally been wreaking havoc on persons physically, emotionally and economically. Many of us, if not all of us are currently quarantined/in self isolation, which basically means we’re all stuck at home/inside. Bummer, I know.

Some of you are probably going stir crazy (on top of all the other disturbing emotions you’re already feeling), and for others of you, you are in your element (I’m talking to all my introverts out there). I personally would consider myself more of an ambivert – that extro/intro hybrid 😅. While in social situations I flourish, but I also appreciate time alone, especially if I’ve got a good book.

But, I am currently still going to work everyday, so I don’t know how it truly feels to be quarantined. I mean staying at home when it’s your choice is one thing, but being mandated to stay at home…well that’s another thing all together.

Regardless of my current situation, I do know that a lot of you are struggling with this isolation status. So I’ve put together a list that I hope will help you pass the time better.

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